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Welcome to our site...HonestXxxReviews.com

Our goal is to give you as much information and the best porn reviews for this new and upcoming revolution called the "era of online adult entertainment". We will guide you in the right direction to quality and excellence that you want in adult video on demand and porn vod entertainment. Don't waste your money on crap because you didn't know any better. There is far too much adult stuff out there...not all of it is legit or worth a single penny! Our Xxx reviews are honest however still our opinion so please don't take offense if we like something and you disagree.

Because the Porn VOD/PPV industry is changing at a pretty faced pace, it is important to keep up with this change so you the valued customer, will get the highest quality, the most reliable and satisfactory adult entertainment possible. After all...isn't that the reason you spend you money...to get what you want and why not get the best for your buck. Hope you enjoy or hones porn reviews.


Our Favorite Adult VOD Online Companies

Out of the many PPM or VOD sites you can find online...only a few measure up. Since we highly recommend paying porn by the minute (PPM) as opposed to monthly memberships...we are giving you a heads up as to where to go and get it. Below are our favorite online vendors and our review for quality porn. Others do not deserve your money...PERIOD!

AdultVOD.xxx - This NEW adult VOD site features a huge selection of today's hottest and newest adult XXX streaming movies and downloads available to you 24/7! AdultVOD.xxx offers high quality Pay Per Minute streaming via Windows Media Player 9 or Download Coach. Over 120,000 of the hottest XXX titles ready to be viewed. Hi-res streaming rates as low as $.07 per minute. Many NEW movies added daily. Choose flicks by either category, studio or pornstar. They also specialize in Gay, Fetish and BDSM XXX movies.
Services Offered: PPM, Video Download, Rent, Streaming VOD
Specials: GET 10 MINUTES FREE*

AEBN - Get ready for an adult video on demand site featuring a huge selection of Internet's hottest and freshest adult entertainment online! Adult Entertainment Broadcast Network offers adult streaming movies and downloads to you 24/7! AEBN offers high quality HD Pay Per Minute streaming via Windows Media Player 9 or higher. Over 100,000 of the hottest XXX titles ready to be viewed. Hi-res streaming rates as low as $.08 per minute. Fresh new movies added daily. Choose full length movies by either category, studio or pornstar. They also specialize in many genre adult themes for the 2010's.
Services Offered: PPM, Video Download, Rent, Streaming 1080P HD, ROKU
Specials: Free Membership - No sign up fees

AEBN - Gay VOD - Offering Gay on adult XXX movies in HD / Streaming or Rent

  • Over 100,000 Full Length XXX Adult Movies Available

  • Pay Per Minute - Video Downloads - VOD Rentals

  • The Best Mobile Porn Videos for iPhone, iPad & Android Devices

  • Streaming 1080p HD Porn Videos

  • Free Membership, No Sign up Fees

AdultVideoOnDemand.xxx - New .XXX Adult Video on Demand Online Retailer. Just added this Pay Per View/Video on Demand adult premium site. Full of adult videos that offer really good resolution and streaming quality. They offer no Membership fees, no recurring billing and as low as $.08 per minute! Featuring Straight, Gay, Fetish, Lesbian and Voyeur and 100's other sub-categories. Sign up now for your FREE minutes. You'll be glad you did.
Services Offered: PPM, Video Download
Specials: GET 10 or 15 MINUTES FREE (depending on Special)*

HotMovies.com - One of the hottest Adult Pay Per Minute Porn sites. HotMovies.com features streaming adult entertainment for just $.08 per minute. There are no memberships or monthly fees. HotMovies.com is the only vod provider that offers "exclusive amateur" videos of horny people from all over the world. People send in their homemade movies for you to watch. Studios include Craven Moorehead, Elegant Angel, VCA Interactive, Ignite Video, Adam & Eve Productions, Shooting Star Video, Puppy Productions, Hustler, Vivid, Red Light District, and many more. They specialize in Straight, Fetish, and Gay Pay-Per-Minute Adult Streaming. You can also rent or download DVD quality videos to your hard drive. Includes bonus sites, most popular amateur video, Top Picks, NEW releases, and a news archive. Currently they have over 115,000 hardcore XXX movies in stock.
80+ NEW Movies Added Daily!

Services Offered: PPM, Video/DivX Download Rental, Exclusive "Amateur" video streaming, ROKU
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ClassicVOD.com - Watch the hottest Classic / Vintage Xxx Movies right now! ...Receive 20 Minutes FREE!*
FetishMovies.com - Into fetish, bondage, spanking or watersports? ...Receive 20 Minutes FREE!*
GayHotMovies.com - Offering the best "gay" movies in DVD quality. ...Receive 20 Minutes FREE!*
TabooVOD.com - Watch the whole popular Taboo series and more. ...Receive 20 Minutes FREE!*
HomeGrown.com - The best amateur "homegrown" site that you just have to see for yourself! ...Receive 20 Minutes FREE!*

VideoBox.com - This site is an excellent DVD download adult site that offers currently over 5500+ DVD's (XXX Movies) that you can download anytime and as many movies as you wish for a single monthly cost. They have over 50 genres, 18,000+ scenes and add 5 new DVD's a day! You can stream using their exclusive flash player or download via DRM-free Windows Media Format files to keep forever.
Services Offered: Download or Stream unlimited - DVD quality with Premium Plan
Pay Model: Monthly Fee of $9.95 (Regular Plan) / $17.95 (DVD Quality Premium Plan)

* Must have a valid Credit Card, Check Card or Bank Card (VISA, MC, etc) to get free trial minutes





Today there is an advanced method to view xxx movies. Yes, you can buy DVD's or VHS flicks from your nearest store, but now you can buy these same videos from an online retailer and save money at the same time. You can opt to have a membership which allows you to get movies via mail then send them back when finished to view another movie all for a flat monthly fee. This is similar to NetFlix©. Some online retailers allow you to just rent movies as you like and pay per movie rented just like renting a movie at your local video store.

  • Our recommendation is to find a retailer online with at least 100,000 adult titles that allows you to rent movies for a flat monthly fee. Some have restrictions to be sure to read the fine print and/or policy before getting a monthly membership. Find one that allows the most rented per month so your dollar goes farther, but make sure the rate is not higher if comparing to another retailer.

Another method of viewing porn movies is signing up at an online adult website (there are literally 1000's of them) and viewing their movies they offer in their vaults. Some of these sites are kinda shady so be careful. Most adult sites will offer a free trial or a one dollar trial for 2 - 30 days before charging your credit card the full membership. Now on these sites that offer a trial, make sure to read the "fine print" because some sites will ask for a credit card, which is ok, but will charge your card after the trial is over thinking that you still want their services. This is OK as long as you DO WANT their service monthly and like the site. You will just be billed every month or quarterly depending on their billing cycles. Just be sure to read their policy on the sign-up page. If you DO NOT want their service anymore (because you didn't enjoy the site) then you must cancel your trial or membership before they bill you for the first time. These sites also include photos, bios, games, E-zines, advice, and other adult stuff that might interest you. They sometimes can be useful or an annoyance depending what you prefer.

Maybe you prefer to watch only xxx movies and are not interested in photos and other BS like the membership sites described above. Well, then you might like the adult "streaming" or "pay-per-minute" online retailers that offer only movies that can be viewed on demand or at your convenience. You simply purchase a "minute" package (5 minute, 12 minute, 20, 30, 100, 300 or more) and use those minutes to stream movies online. You have the freedom to watch any movie in their database at anytime for as long as you wish. At the end of your session, any minutes left over are automatically banked for future use the next time you log-in. You will never lose minutes. Your time or minutes are your to keep and use anyway you wish and you can log-in from anywhere whether from a hotel, friends house, office, laptop, Internet cafe or home...you will always have access to your account and be ready to stream or download xxx movies at your convenience with total privacy. What we like about this is there is NO monthly membership or fees to pay for this unique service. Just find a site, sign-up, buy a minute package and begin. It is that simple.


What about watching just "clips" instead of the whole movie? You know bits and pieces...to get you off. It may sound silly, however it has recently been a fact that many porn users are now looking for just clips of porn not necessarily the whole full length movie. This might be for you. Think about it...do you really want to watch an entire porn flick or just get to the good part? Maybe you like certain scenes like two chicks eating each other, or foreplay, a chick sucking a cock, a girl masturbating...whatever it is you just want to get right to it, skipping the BS in between. Well, now you can there is a new site called Clips.com and is fucking hot man! They offer just clips or porn...many many clips to choose from. You can even have a "favorite" folder and save scenes and watch them later. They categorize the navigation so you can find movies instantly and effortlessly.

  • Our recommendation for premium membership sites is to find a site that is listed in a directory from another site, since these sites have already tested and approved them. Remember, there are 10's of thousands of adult sites out there which one do you pick? They have already their homework and list only reputable and legit adult sites. Also look for adult sites that have a trial before you go with them. You want to test drive the site first before you buy. Our favorite "free trial" site is www.free-trial-for-porn.com. They are the "official" free trial porn site.

    For sites that offer pay-per-minute streaming, we like the sites that offer over 100,000 adult titles, have been in business for at least 5 years and offer a free trial for their new customers. Look for them at Google when doing a search. There are a few out there, but you will find one that you like.


This section will discuss one of the important factors watching adult entertainment. What to watch? There are more than 50 categories and over 120+ subcategories or niches if you will. However, there are several primary categories of adult entertainment which you are probably familiar with. These are Straight, Gay, Lesbian, Fetish, Bondage and Classic. Of these there are categories within those but primarily for the Straight main category. Since there are many, many niches we will list most of the more mainstream or popular niches below so you get an idea of what is out there. Why limit yourself?

Adult Categories Listed in Alphabetical Order:

Amateur - Movies that include new models or fresh faces without any prior experience in the adult industry.

Anal - These are movies that contain mostly anal sex.

Asian - If you like women of the orient then you'll like watching this niche. The women are of Chinese, Japanese, Thai or Korean descent.

BBW - Big Beautiful Women will dominate these adult movies.

Bisexual - Contains mixed couples having sex. Sometimes there are threesomes or foursomes. Anything goes.

Black/Ebony - These lovely women of color will blow your mind. 80% of women in this niche will be African-American. Some studios will have exclusively black women.

Blowjob - Most of these videos will include mostly or all oral sex.

Bondage - Tie-ups, rope, chain, whipping, etc. will be in these films exclusively.

Boob/Tits - Movies that include mostly big breasts and seem to focus on this.

Classic - Movies that were made in the 70's and 80's.

Dominatrix - Women that dominate men sexually.

Fetish - Movies that have a particular fetish whether it be bondage, slave, spanking feet, stockings, panties, smoking, hair pulling, blonde, redhead or anything of that nature.

Gay - Movies that contain explicit men to men sex.

Interracial - usually this entails black men having sex with white women.

Latino - These hotties are from Spain, South America or any other Latin country.

Lesbian - Containing explicit sex between two or more women.

Mature - Older women mostly over 40 will be in these movies.

Pornstar - These are professional and experienced actors in the adult industry. May contain interviews and bios.

Shemale/Tranny - These movies contain actors that have had a transsexual surgery. Usually they are women with a penis.

Spanking - Women who get or like to get spanked by men.

Watersports - These movies contain peeing on people or public peeing.

Voyeur - Movies of people spying or watching others having sex.

Now that you have a good idea of what to find in adult entertainment maybe this will help you choose a movie that will interest you once you are ready to purchase. Of course there are more, but these are the most popular and mainstream niches or categories that are available today. All you really need to enjoy adult entertainment at its' fullest is above especially if you are new to the adult entertainment arena ; )



This section will explain the difference between watching a xxx movie by the minute or paying for a title. If you plan to seriously take the adult entertainment a step higher to get the most out of your viewing pleasure and not to mention money, then you need to decide how you wish to pay for your product.

  1. Pay Per Minute (PPM) - This model explained above is basically purchasing a minute package of your choice then viewing your movies as you wish with minutes banked when you are done for the session. This is great if you like watching xxx movies briefly and not the full length. You can start, pause, stop a movie then watch another at your convenience. Watching clips is another way PPM can work for you.

  2. Pay Per View (PPV) - Instead of purchasing minutes to watch any movie, this method is buying a full length movie to watch or download. You pay somewhere between $2.55 - $7.50 per movie then watch it. You usually own the movie at that point. Sometimes the term "pay per view" means the same as "pay per minute" not to confuse you. Many websites will advertise they offer pay per view and pay per minute when they only do pay per minute packages anyway. Some online shoppers don't really differentiate the two and search for "pay per view xxx" when they are seeking vendors that offer pay per minute services. Most prefer the PPM model instead because you usually get more bang for your buck and PPM gives you more control of how you view movies.

Aside from the two terms above, there is also another term that is widely used for searches and means both. It is "adult video on demand". You can easily tell that this term means adult videos on demand; meaning watching adult videos when you want, hence the term..."on demand". When you see or hear the term "adult video on demand" that is simply "adult movies by the minute" as explained above. Also the term "VOD" is short for "video on demand" So, when you see the term VOD, you'll know what they are referring to. You see...that was easy : )



We not only explain anything and everything there is to know about adult entertainment but also give you some helpful tips for getting the most bang for your buck! Follow our advice to maximize your viewing potential. This info is priceless...

  • First decide what niche you wish to view then go to any PPM or PPV site and find that niche you want. That way you are directed right to the movies you want to watch.
  • Most VOD vendors will offer a promotional video, free clip or a free trial to earn your business. That is fine, take that offer. You will be able to see the quality and get a feel of that VOD site and decide if that is for you.
  • When purchasing a "minute package", look to see if there is a "BEST VALUE" minute package available. You will be able to buy time at the lowest rate possible. Sometimes as low as $.08 a minute!
  • In the event you are not sure which movie you want to view, our suggestion is to choose the "Most Watched" or the "Most Popular" movie. All adult VOD vendors offer this feature to those who need a little direction. It's actually a good idea.
  • When you become a 'seasoned' adult viewer, we suggest you purchase the minute package with the most minutes to get the best value. These packages can range from 300 - 600 minutes depending on the PPM vendor.
  • To get the most of your viewing pleasure, keep track of the movies you like most then find out who the studio is that produced the films. More than likely you will end up with most of your picks from the same studio or producer. Then choose only the movies from that particular studio. You will have a never-ending supply of movies that you like. Also most VOD retailers add movies daily so check out those too.
  • If you use standard Dial-Up for Internet access, you may be experiencing slower speeds and less quality streaming video.
    Upgrade to cable or Hi-Speed DSL if at all possible.
  • If you sign-up at an adult video on demand site and decide you do not like that particular site, then we suggest to simply try another VOD website. There are good ones out there...you might have to try a few to find the one that suits you best.

All models are 18 years or older
We do NOT advertise, promote or condole teen porn, underage porn, schoolgirl, child porn, or barely legal content.

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