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Reviews for HotMovies
Thumbs Up! - Porny Guy, Mountain Home
Personally, I think this site is top-notch entertainment.
Greetings sir, I really like your site and your helpful information regarding this new technology. I have always been watching adult movies on DirectTV - then switched to cable last year. When I found your site I immediately tried hotmovies and loved it. I now can view movies for less than what I was paying for the other services and I can watch what I want when I want. I figure I am saving about $20 - $25 per month the way I watch porn. I wish I found about about PPV earlier. I will let you guys know more my experience with after several months of far I recommend them. - Dave, B.C.
Just wanted to say that I am a satisfied member of your site. I joined about 6 weeks ago and have already paid about $50 in time. You really can't beat the pay per minute cost. I know because I surfed the internet and found a few offering adult PPV but at a higher cost. Plus the streaming time is a little faster and better quality than the others. I also want to say that I tried and was satisfied with that site, but like Hotmovies more. Thanks. - B.H. Las Vegas
Great content! I have been with (another site) for a long time but got frustrated by the lack of updates. I am glad to have stumbled upon Keep up the great work!
Highly Recommended to all my horny visitors! - PORNVOD.NET
An excellent PPM site...very well designed with the customer in mind! - Free Trial For

Reviews for VODAuthority

Whoo Hoo - J.P. Getzoff
Great site guys! - Marcus, Somewhere USA
My experience with VODAuthority has been a pleasurable and very entertaining so far. Just got registered last week and have already downloaded three times my favorite black movies. Good prices and a smart idea for viewing adult movies without renting. - Name withheld.
You guys have a great site and very helpful for us that don't know much about VOD. I found VodAuthority .com to be an easy site to deal with and very affordable streaming rates too. Although I have a slow internet connection, I was still satisfied with movie graphics.  - Jimmy, Somewhere on Earth
First thanks for a very informative site. I was confused a little about the ppv and ppm titles. is a good site and found it to be helpful and had a great selection of lesbian movies, which is all I watch anyway. I got my brother into PPM just last week and he is hooked. - Brad, Northridge


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